Sick of Living – The Incomplete Story

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Sickof Livingsky was a frustrated Indian, born of Russian descent.
As the head of a huge conglomerate, he got up to busy schedules, tailored by exercise, executive lunches and dinners, along with a window of 1 hour at night to spend quality time with his family.
Having lost his parents young, without the gentle touch of a mother, everything he learnt about facing life was through business.

Sickof Livingsky is a no nonsense man

This resulted in a man with a tough lined jaw who tolerated no nonsense.
He was quick to blame the government and people for their non-compliance with his work ethics.
As a matter of habit, watching TV was his pass time favorite, and news channels were his fodder.
Always on top of the world news and updates, he was enraged at the sight of corruption and all the evil that emanated from politics.

There were no good people in the world anymore. Just people waiting to rip him off. All his taxes were going down the drain for the puddle filled roads, non-working street lights, and half-hearted public service.

Life moved fast for Livingsky….

He was quick to judge everyone around him. With such a grim view of the world, he resorted to many practices to gain a positive perspective of life. He visited shrines, prayed daily, followed motivational speeches and read ancient scriptures; that recited the battles of Good vs Evil.

When will the evil that surrounded him, be defeated??
Was there no way out of incompetency and complacency??

With his business running without the training wheels that he was, he now had all the time to find answers to these questions.
Just like researching the market, he searched extensively for a person to guide him and be his Guru.
He sought someone who could shed some light and wisdom with just a couple of words and release him from these long bound shackles.
Now you might wonder why only a couple of words? Well, the pace of his life still hadn’t left him!

Thinking this as just another assignment, he wanted quick results. Things had to be done.

Expectant about his meeting with a potential guru the next day, he recollected all the valuable pearls of wisdom he had gathered from his research. He wanted to dazzle his potential guru with his knowledge, forgetting that this endeavor was that of learning, and not impressing.
This was no job interview!


The day had arrived!
Livingsky got into his car ready to be enlightened, and travelled to the far reaches of the city 20 kilometers from his house (not every pilgrimage has to be a long distant one!)

He reached the place.

Amaidhi Maatha's house

It seemed like a small and neat wooden house, with a garden hedge that was being trimmed by a little boy.
He found his way around to find a small rickety gate and entered asking for “Amaidhi Maatha” (Mother of Calm)
He was beckoned to take the stairs up towards a small room.
On the way, he found men and women going about their work. Some were washing clothes with their hands while a few others cooking food; with happiness he had never witnessed before.

He thought to himself, “These people must be out of their minds, devoid of passion and ambition; trapped in the cage of mundane living.”

Expecting to see a woman (Mother of Calm), he was surprised to see a man sitting still at the back surrounded by what seemed like his 3 disciples.

Mother of Calm

The man gestured Livingsky to come forward. Livingsky wasted no time.
He quickly asked, “Dear Sir, I am here to rediscover my hope in humanity. I need someone to show me a reason that humanity still exists.”
The man, now clearer to see because of the warm sunlight piercing through the cracked walls, told him, “Be patient and see everything for its entirety.”

On saying this, he quickly retreated to his bed gesturing the end of the meeting.

Puzzled by these seemingly incoherent words, Livingsky felt dazed.
“This was a complete waste of time”, he thought.

After Livingsky left, back in the small house, Amaidhi Maatha told his disciples, “Dear ones, go forth tomorrow and perform one act of kindness each, with your full heart.”
Without questioning, the three boys got up and left to do their bidding.

Next morning, Sickof Livingsky got up to another gloomy day….

Sickof Livingsky

Livingsky had similar gloomy days for most part of his life. Is this gonna change soon?

He was already angered by the time drain he had experienced yesterday. Minutes that were worth millions in money!

While travelling in his car, as if his day hadn’t got any better, he got a flat tyre.
Being just a few minutes away from office, he started to walk.

On the way, he almost fell down out of shock, as a cab nearly rammed into him speeding ahead on the road.
As any typical bystander, he screamed a curse word and mumbled about how the world was nearing its end because of these hooligans.

After dusting himself, seconds after this incident, he spotted a man walking groggily, covered in sweat and carrying a water bottle filled with golden brown liquid.
Livingsky could not believe his eyes.
“Liquor in the middle of a working day! What was this world coming to?”

Finally, as he neared his workplace, he spotted an ambulance van at a far distance with smoke a little wafting through the pillion seat window.
“Smoking with a patient in the backseat!”

He couldn’t take it anymore.
He had to know the truth to Amaidhi Maatha’s words.

After work, Livingsky hurriedly left for Maatha’s house.

At the house, he walked straight into Maatha’s room, as if he was entitled to it.
He glared at Maatha and exclaimed, “Sir, it was just a 5 minutes’ walk and I already witnessed 3 incidents that have angered me! What do your words from yesterday really mean?”

Maatha got up and looked at the door behind Livingsky, as it opened to his 3 disciples who entered.

He asked them, “Aah! Here you are my dear ones! Tell me, what acts of kindness have you carried out?”

The first disciple said, “Guruji, I saved a pregnant lady from the pains of pre-labor by rushing her to the hospital nearby in a cab.”

The second disciple said, “O Guruji, a man got stranded with his motorbike that had not petrol left. So I walked a long distance to the petrol station to fetch petrol in his water bottle.”

Finally, the third disciple said, “Dear Guruji, I accompanied a boy in an ambulance for a surgery, prayed for him with all my heart, and lit a few incense sticks.”

Maatha looked at Livingsky and smiled, awaiting his reaction….

Livingsky stood still. These incidents were familiar, yet seemed unfamiliar….

Maatha then said, “Dear one, you were surrounded by three acts of kindness, yet they angered you. You are blinded by your hastiness. Be patient, open your heart and mind, and observe everything through till the end. What others do or don’t do would leave you in a negative state of mind. Does it make any sense my dear to upset your own self for other’s actions? Being upset and cribbing over it will change nothing. People keep focusing on the issue itself, rather than exploring the possible solutions for that problem. The problem here was perspective. Be empathetic! The mantra for a peaceful and sensible life is to give the benefit of the doubt to others!


Do you too get upset on minor issues beyond your control?
Have you ever looked back at your past and felt that you’ve wasted precious moments worrying about useless problems?

Share your thoughts with me and share the post with the world! Who knows this may benefit someone who’s actually Sick of Living!!

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