8 Questions To Know Whether To Quit A Job Or Not

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The terrace of the office tower……..

Yes, that’s where I loved to spend some time daily during office lunch hour.

6 years into my job being at the same place, I sensed a sort of frustration and revolt creeping in my mind. I wished somebody could clarify how to know if it’s time to quit a job.

“I am born for bigger things, and here I am, entangled in menial routine work life!” I used to think.

I felt like a caged bird, whose natural tendency is to fly, but it seemed almost impossible to get out of the cage.

No doubt, life was comfortable and easy going, but it lacked excitement. It lacked the fun of a high and low roller coaster ride.

Elite Saint quit a job for entrepreneurship

The office tower being the tallest in the area, serviced a far and wide view of the city landscape from its terrace.

I felt ‘bigger’ and ‘on top’ being there.

The official lunch breaks would allow me a window of 45 minutes to feel that royalty at the top; and I was addicted to it!

I was thoroughly unclear and doubtful, whether I really wanted to leave such a comfortable job. I dreaded the fact that I could land up regretting later on. I had a spark of entrepreneurship, however I was unsure whether this is the correct time or option to take this ‘risk’.

In short, I survived a constant battle between my brain and heart over this for months…. I felt successful, yet unsuccessful!

I felt as a person who wants to jump into the ‘black-hole’; which here was the ‘fear of unknown’!

This black-hole may suck the hell out of me, or may put me into a completely new dimension!

Most often it’s the latter that happens and you’ll find quite a few people around, who dared to jump! It’s the first step, the courage to take the plunge that matters.

Elite Saint quit a job to start a business

Elite Saint quit a job confidently to be an entrepreneurWith this thought and a cluttered mind, I decided to help myself and analyze if I actually wanted to quit my fulltime job.


Here, I am sharing the 8 questions that I asked myself before I quit my job. The answers to these questions provided clarity to my doubtful mind. I am sure you too will find these useful.




  1. Am I being valued here?

Being valued just as an individual or as a part of a team is not enough at a workplace. Having a valuable and responsible role is as important. In fact, the latter is a good way to know how much you are being valued within the organization.


  1. Am I growing here, to be wiser?

Spending numerous years at a workplace would not be justified, if the level of knowledge you’ve got is the same as what it was when you started out. The point is, you need to be capable not just to receive wisdom from others; but also provide it to your colleagues. One can only share knowledge, if he or she has received any.


  1. Do I have enough learning opportunity here?

Imagine a cow grazing on a huge pasture. The bigger and greener the pasture, the better for the cow. The green pasture is your organization and the cow is you. More the knowledge sharing and learning opportunity they offer, the better for you.


  1. Do I have anything new to do or learn here?

This question seems to be similar to the above one. However, “learning something new” here refers to the learning opportunity your organization offers, apart from your core activity or your area of specialization. Try linking this question to the term “job rotation” and you’ll get the clarity.


  1. Am I progressing in life – personally, socially, financially, & emotionally?

Personal growth is the growth in terms of your learning and the level of responsibility.

Socially evolving is how others perceive you through inter-personal interactions; both within and outside the organization.

Financial progress refers to the direct and indirect monetary benefits you receive from the organization.

Emotional evolution is the level of happiness you have in your work and how proud you are to work for the organization.


  1. Am I in the comfort zone?

Most people realize this pretty late, and frankly I have been guilty of it myself. It’s that time when you do not pursue your future plans too seriously; or are afraid to move on. Most times, the reason people do not come out of this zone, is due to the financial insecurity that comes along, when one steps out of it. We may even call it “the habit of being too laid-back”.


  1. Do I regularly feel like getting out of the office workplace?

A constant feeling of restlessness at your workplace could be one factor to indicate that it’s time you need something new in your life. Your office setup is unlikely to change frequently! Right? Observe the time you spend on non-productive activities at work.


  1. When do I feel happier, while coming to work or while returning home?

This is what I observed almost every day in my job. People coming to work with certain degree of wrinkle on their forehead. Higher the designation, deeper the wrinkles! People ‘looked’ happier at evenings while leaving for their home, and I was one of them.


Elite Saint quitting my job for entrepreneurship

You may find a few questions similar to one another, however it’s important you answer these questions individually.

The more individually you answer these questions, the better clarity you will receive.

I seriously felt, I would not have wasted months to get to a conclusion, had I already had these set of questions available with me to answer at the beginning.

I intend to share these with a sole purpose that your valuable time is not wasted, and that you may better divert your time, attention, and energy towards something that’s more likely to be successful and progressive for you!



  • The 8 questions that I’ve mentioned above will provide clarity in your mind, whether you should actually quit a job or not. In short these questions will clear your INTENT.
  • What these questions will NOT answer, is the ideal time when you should leave a job. Want to know when it is the ideal time to quit a job to be an entrepreneur? Click here.
  • There are other important factors too, that you need to consider before resigning from your job; such as your OPTIONS and your BACKUP.

Remember, no job is perfect; and neither should you live life only for the weekends. You need to make a sensible choice. May the senses be with you!

Elite Saint resign from my job for business venture

  • Do you have any questions to add to the list?
  • Did these 8 questions prove useful to you?


Do let me know in your comments below; and I’ll make it a point to revert.

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