How A Flashback Unlocked My Paradise Within

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It’s 4:00 pm. Having a cup of tea and munching a biscuit, I looked out of the bedroom window.

It’s a rainy, but cool Saturday evening. Monsoon has set in and the darker version of gray cloudy sky would be frequent for the next 2 months. The garden and the trees outside look cleaner and greener. However, it seemed like an ugly setup of color mismatch between green (trees) and dark gray (cloudy sky) at the background.

I have been working on my laptop since morning, with frequent breaks in between, and this break is just another one of them. Steadily gazing at the view outside, I went into flashback.

It took just a few minutes of flashback to come back to a realization. I shook my head! I was into the present moment again, appreciating the so called bland view outside, smile on my face, and a sigh of relief!



A couple of months back, I had left a good corporate job to be an entrepreneur. The job was easy, well paying, free of politics, and just 10 minutes away from my home. In spite of all these comforts, I had begun feeling suffocated inside the swanky office premises. The office walls appeared like a golden cage and I felt like a hamster running inside a wheel. I was running and running…….. but not moving ahead!

I felt cramped there, so much that I used to keep on looking out of the office glass window towards the landscaped horizon. It was a beautiful sight of the blue sea and the blue sky merging into one another. I wanted to run out…. I wanted to fly…. I wanted to dive…. I wanted to fall….!

Something was amiss, something very important. I seemed to have got lost in the rat-race, so much that the 6 long years in the corporate world felt like 6 months. I knew I had had enough of being too practical, of running a race that has no finish line, of ignoring the voice of my inner self. In fact, I broke down into tears a few times while talking to myself when alone.

The time had come for me to choose any one of the two options –

  1. Get mentally tougher and continue to work against my will, that’s what most people do for a living and success. That’s how life’s meant to be.  OR
  2. Trust and listen to my inner voice at least once. Explore life. Experience life. Embrace life. Venture excitedly into the unknown.


Suddenly a quote stuck my mind….

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”


……. and frankly, option 1 was never an option for me.

Next day, I resigned!


Released from the work place, I started experiencing something that I had never experienced in 6 years of my corporate life. I felt much lighter in my head, much fearless, much happier and satisfied.

The thirst quenched and the restlessness of the mind gave way to a calm soul.

Yes, it took some time for me to actually realize this fact and get into a completely different daily routine. But I was happy that I began appreciating the beauty of little things and pleasures of life that I longed for and missed.

True happiness lies in small things, which we often fail to even notice in our daily hustle.

The sight of the flock of flying birds, toddlers playing in the water puddle, the sparrow chirps, the morning dew, the aroma of the wet soil, the sunset, time with the loved ones; are a few of the many un-hidden gems of happiness, which we often neglect.


As the saying goes……

“Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things.”



It’s 4:30 pm, the rain’s got heavier!

What seemed an ugly mismatch of colors a few minutes ago, suddenly seems picture perfect. It’s still the same dark gray cloudy sky and the same trees around, but something did change within moments!

Yes, it’s the perception within, that changed; which ultimately changed the outlook.

Sometimes, I do get too involved in my work but at least the process of appreciation has begun for me. And the best thing about appreciating the little happiness of life is that it’s not only having a positive impact on my personal life, but also on my professional life.

The future is unpredictable, and that’s the reason to be excited about it. In the present moment, the heart and mind are in sync, in complete harmony, and that’s what ultimately matters!

Let us open our minds and unlock the paradise within….

  • Do you appreciate the little pleasures of life?

  • Are you really ‘living’ in the present moment?

  • Do you have such flashback moments?

Do let me know in your comments below. Do not forget to share as well.


For now, let me have my tea and biscuits…………..

18 Responses

  1. Avatar Suraj says:

    Felt like I’m reading a book…

  2. Avatar Gopesh says:

    Nicely Written. Waiting for more !!!

  3. Avatar Anuradha says:

    Most of us are bogged down with life commitments and alternate thoughts become a luxury, for some – the thought swishes past at times but dissolves in to oblivion, some just resign themselves to the hard realities of life (isn’t it a sainthood too?) and there are very few who contemplate, listen to their inner voice and seek happiness within. I felt a good connect with the write-up. Thanks.

    • Ankit Jain Ankit Jain says:

      I am glad you could connect with the post Anuradha! We human beings are bound to have loads of memories, and heaps of experiences. It’s important to cherish those experiences because they make you, YOU! Worrying prevents ‘living’!

  4. Avatar Tousif says:

    Answer to all 3 questions is No for me ?

  5. Avatar Naveen says:

    Awesome article…! Well said

  6. Avatar Nicky says:

    It is very impressive!!!! I liked it… It is true .. People never enjoy the current moment of their life & Life is one of the most precious gift which god has given us… Well done!!!!

  7. Avatar Arpita says:

    Beautifully expressed… Couldn’t stop myself till last fullstop. It provides new eyes to luk at one’s life. Thanks for such a precious perspective.

  8. Avatar Anand says:

    Beautifully crafted and nicely written, seems like a fairy tale with happy ending.. Most of us wants to take your route ,but it’s very difficult can connect you to your story very well.. All the best!!

    • Ankit Jain Ankit Jain says:

      Thank you Anand for your appreciation. The route seems difficult…. “seems”, but is not. Just some sensible thinking, confidence, and fearlessness. It’s the first step that’s most difficult, for the fear of unknown safety, security and comfort! A trier’s life is much better than a regretful death!

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