Elite Saint blogger Ankit Jain

Ankit Jain (Founder Blogger @ Elite Saint)

The “3 Ls” have always been the guiding principles of my personal and professional life.

  • The 3 Ls of my personal life – LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH
  • The 3 Ls of my professional life – LIFE LONG LEARNING


It’s been not too long that I’ve had these principles guide me on the path of my life, and I am really surprised with the rise in personality they’ve helped me attain.

In financial terms, I am an “appreciating” personality!

Being a first generation entrepreneur, managing 3 different businesses is not an easy thing to do, unless of course, work is “play” for you.



Just like most people, I too was an average student at school, average in academics and sports.

Right from being bullied at school, fearing the feeling of worthlessness in life, failed relationships, my struggle with depression, the feeling of being guilty of not being competitive enough in the rat-race, I’ve seen it all….

Hell that was! And hell ya, I realized “I am not an average guy anymore!”

Having discovered my utmost interest in philosophy, entrepreneurship, management, and marketing, I decided to share my views, experiences, information and knowledge which I gathered in my life through Elite Saint. After all, you need to share, to improve your own self. So Elite Saint is basically my self-improvement strategy!



Elite Saint does not look to force my viewpoints on its readers. The human brain is perfectly wired to know the difference between what’s correct and what’s not. My intent with Elite Saint is, to relate with people who find value in its content, to create a progressive community.

I do not guarantee tons of money and growth in personal wealth, what I guarantee is the growth in the thought process and improvement of the personality.



“Elite” here represents the highest form of human being on a professional scale; whereas “Saint” here refers to the highest form of human being on a personal level.

“Elite Saint” intends to develop both, personal & professional persona of its readers.

Life itself is the best gift we’ve got, so why depart as an average soul from this planet?

We’ve all got potential within, that’s waiting to be unlocked! So keep reading, and unlock the paradise within!



For any suggestions, advice, comments, discussions, constructive criticism, or even a praise; do reach out to me at ankit@elitesaint.com. I’ll be happy to revert to you.